Crisis Management

Companies faced with a crisis must be able to quickly respond to numerous needs and demands on multiple fronts at once; all while trying to restore normal operations. During crisis management, companies are repeatedly faced with the need to address situations with which they are unfamiliar and have no expertise. Key to successful crisis management is the ability to deploy a team with the expertise and knowledge to counsel, support and assist company management during and after the crisis.

The lawyers at Land Air Water Legal Solutions LLC are skilled in helping companies respond to regulatory authorities, government authorities, the community, employees, media, and insurance companies during and after a crisis, and in employing and managing the necessary experts and outside consultants, all in a manner that:

  • is mindful of short term and long term liability;
  • takes into account the applicable regulations and their practical application;
  • recognizes a desire for a degree of transparency in communications.

In addition to being familiar with the laws, regulations, and various regulatory authorities at local, state and federal levels, our attorneys also have strong technical backgrounds. Land Air Water Legal Solutions LLC is prepared to work with you in all aspects of crisis management from initial response, to root cause analysis, to evaluating post crisis risk management activities, to responding to and avoiding litigation, to communication and negotiation with regulators.