LAW's Mark Hammond Gives Expert Testimony to Pennsylvania State Senate Committees

Mark Hammond testified as an expert witness regarding renewable energy policy at the Senate Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure and Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee Joint Hearing on the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standards (AEPS) Act on May 1, 2019.  Mark’s testimony was informed by the fact that he has been involved with the AEPS Act, from its initial drafting and passage in 2004 through today, in a variety of roles involving legislative and regulatory affairs to project development. 

Mark discussed how the AEPS Act has helped incentivize the beneficial use of biologically derived methane to make electricity, which is a Tier I resource under the AEPS Act.  Mark also offered guidance from the perspective of project developers on possible legislative changes to the AEPS Act.  

There are several bills pending in the General Assembly regarding the AEPS Act, and we continue to monitor all of them.  

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